Daniel Starr is an accomplished technology entrepreneur, successful real estate developer, dedicated philanthropist, doting father and passionate animal lover.

Daniel Starr

About Daniel

As a luxury property developer and the founder of several successful web-based businesses, Starr exhibits a unique talent for identifying and nurturing undervalued-yet-lucrative opportunities online and in the world of residential real estate.

Hailing from Scranton, Pennsylvania, Starr enjoyed a loving upbringing and is the proud grandson of Ukrainian immigrants. Since childhood he has demonstrated an overwhelming interest in business while excelling at intellectual exploration, problem solving, and complex task management. Upon graduating summa cum laude from Drexel University’s honors program and prior to becoming a full-time entrepreneur, Starr held various corporate jobs including executive-level positions at Blockbuster and Myspace parent company, Intermix Media.

Throughout his multifaceted career, Starr has combined an aptitude for creative development, process management, and risk assessment with lofty goals, diligent entrepreneurship, and an unbelievable work ethic to exceed expectations at every turn.

Internet & Mobile

Although he experienced enviable success as a young man, Starr never found fulfillment in corporate life and thus, shifted his professional focus toward technology entrepreneurship. Quickly discovering he had a knack for identifying underserved niches within the digital world, Starr started building.


Full-time Founder

Since 2007

In 2007 he became a full-time founder, establishing and growing several multimillion-dollar technology companies.

Principal Media

sold in 2016 for roughly
$40 milion

Especially notable among these endeavors was a direct carrier billing company that Starr sold early on, an international mobile billing service company named Principal Media that he sold in 2016 for roughly $40 million, and GameMine, an innovative subscription-based gaming platform that provides thousands of top-tier mobile games to emerging markets around the world.

Chairman Of the
Board of Advisors


Although he recently transferred his stock interests in GameMine to his employees as a ‘thank you’ for their hard work, Starr has remained Chairman Of the Board of Advisors at the company throughout his foray into real estate.

Property Development

When it comes to real estate, Starr shines. Between 2013 and the present date, Starr has developed and transacted Southern California property totalling roughly $150 million including beautiful estates in Beverly Hills, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Venice and Montecito as well as homes in West Hollywood and Santa Monica.

Montecito Montecito

Montecito, Calif., estate worth $25 million sold, by tech entrepreneur Daniel Starr

The properties Starr has been involved with have never failed to bring handsome returns, with notable sales including a sophisticated Beverly Hills mansion recently purchased by music superstar and rising brand mogul, Rihanna.

His projects have been featured on Bravo’s ‘Million Dollar Listing,’ as well as being covered in print and digital media including The Wall Street Journal, Architectural Digest, Mansion Global, and Dirt.com.

Room1 Room2 Room3
The ethos underpinning Starr’s real estate development is rather simple: Potential abounds. Less common are those willing to put in the work necessary to make it a reality. So envision the beauty, create the plan, execute the strategy, and don’t settle for anything less than success.

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With his professional aspirations satisfied beyond what he ever envisioned, Starr has become a passionate and deeply committed philanthropist who leverages his financial success and business savvy to support worthy causes wherever possible. Starr generally prefers to forgo public recognition in service of his true mission of selflessly giving back to those in need and thus, a majority of the charitable work he engages in is done anonymously. That being said, there are several causes dear to his heart that he chooses to openly promote with the aim of increasing public awareness and support:

L.A. Love and

L.A. Love and Leashes

A huge dog lover, Starr is on the board of L.A. Love and Leashes, a non-profit-run adoption center dedicated to finding homes for dogs and cats living in Los Angeles’ six city shelters. Recognizing the cruelty and inhumanity of breeding companion animals for money, through L.A. Love and Leashes Starr played an instrumental role in helping to ban the breeding and selling of pets for profit in L.A. County. A main focus of Starr’s work with L.A. Love and Leashes is to find homes for the tremendous amount of animals currently languishing in shelters and to eliminate so-called “kill shelters” throughout L.A. and beyond.

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